Tuesday, January 6, 2015

200th post!

I started this blog in the summer of 2013 after I went to the Roswell UFO Festival, and a year and a half later, the blog has been viewed almost 25,000 times, and I'm writing my 200th blog post. I thought it would be fun to link back to some of the posts I've written for anyone who may be new to the blog or anyone who may have just missed them.

This is the post that started it all: Roswell...finally!


This is my favorite movie review I've written for the blog: Ghost Shark


And my favorite book (well, graphic novel) review: Afterlife with Archie: Escape from Riverdale


These are my 5 most-viewed posts:

#5: International Ghost Investigators: Hollywood Division

#4: The Haunting of Giancarlo Esposito

#3: Paranormal Witness: Hollywood Sign Haunting; The Good Skeleton

#2: My Haunted House: The Sorority Sister and the Secret Room

#1: When Ghosts Attack: There's No Place Like Hell

When I started this blog, I thought that only my friends and family would be reading it, so I'm thrilled that it's been viewed thousands of times by people all over the world.  Thanks to everyone who has been reading it! : )

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