Wednesday, April 26, 2017

America's Most Haunted Grocery Store

Stories about haunted houses and hotels are pretty common, but you rarely hear about haunted grocery stores. A California town called Chowchilla is believed to be home to the most haunted grocery store in America: the Save Mart on Robertson Boulevard (which closed in 2008). The ghost of a man with claw marks on his face was spotted in the frozen food section several times, and a former store employee says he came face-to-face with the spirit and that on the store's security camera footage, it looked like the employee was screaming and running away from nothing.

I found this story on Backpackerverse, but I did a little research and found a few more websites that talk about the haunted Save Mart:

Thursday, April 20, 2017

2017 MUFON Symposium

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) is holding this year's symposium July 21st-23rd at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa. This year's theme is "The Case for a Secret Space Program" and panel topics include "The US Navy's Secret Space Program and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance," "A Case for Underwater Alien Bases: What Deep Water  Secrets are the Oceans Hiding?," and "The Fluxliner, or Alien Reproduction Vehicle, Theory of Operation." Attendees can also learn how to be MUFON Field Investigators or take an Area 51 tour. I would love to go to this, but I won't be able to, so if any of you guys go and would like to write a guest post about it, let me know.  : )

Friday, April 14, 2017

Movie Spotlight: Incarnate

Incarnate is a 2016 movie starring Aaron Eckhart, Carice van Houten, Catalina Sandino Moreno, David Mazouz, Keir O'Donnell, Matt Nable, and John Pirruccello. Scientist Dr. Seth Ember (Aaron Eckhart) removes demons from the possessed by entering their subconscious, but when he tries this with 11-year-old Cameron (David Mazouz), he must fight for his life against a demon he has encountered in the past.

Movies about possession have the potential to be kind of cheesy, but Incarnate is a well-made movie with fine performances from everyone (the standout being David Mazouz as young possessed Cameron). I didn't like Incarnate as much as some other possession movies, but it's a new take on this type of movie, so if you like movies about demons and possessions, give Incarnate a shot. : )

My rating: 6.5/10

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Haunts Jaunts on ParaMania Radio

I've mentioned Haunt Jaunts many times on this blog, so I wanted to share the news that there's a Haunt Jaunts radio show now! It airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central and is hosted by Courtney Mroch, and if you can't listen then, you can download each episode after it airs. You can check it out on the ParaMania Radio website. : )

Monday, April 3, 2017

Penny Lane, Paranormal Investigator: The Ouija Board Mystery

I recently found out about a book called Penny Lane, Paranormal Investigator: The Ouija Board Mystery, and I thought some of you might be interested, so of course I had to share the info here. : ) The book is by David J. Cooper, and here's the description:

"When Alicia is injured in an accident, and then subsequently dies as a result, while she and her friends are fooling around during their school break, it leaves an entire community devastated.
Following her funeral, and intent on contacting her again, her friends foolishly obtain a Ouija board and conduct a séance.
It seems that they manage to make contact with Alicia, but it soon becomes apparent that they have, in fact, released an entity which is malevolent and which soon begins to threaten them with revenge for Alicia’s death.
Fearing for their lives and unable to stop the presence they seek the help of paranormal investigator, Penny Lane. She tells the girls that they must destroy it and gives them detailed instructions on how to do it.
But before they can even make a start the group are rocked by another death. And as the body count begins to rise, and several of Alicia’s friends are killed in mysterious circumstances, it becomes a race against time to destroy an evil before it kills them all."

I haven't read it yet, but it definitely sounds like something I'd enjoy...if you think you'd enjoy it too, here's the Amazon link:

Also, I wanted to note that a different book by the author (The Devil Knows) will be free April 3rd-5th, so here's the link in case any of you want to check it out. : )