Sunday, April 20, 2014

International Ghost Investigators: Hollywood Division (Laraine Newman and Dave Foley)

International Ghost Investigators: Hollywood Division is a parody about paranormal investigators that airs on the Audience network.  The show stars David Anthony Higgins (who you might remember from Malcolm in the Middle) and Paul Greenberg, and in the episode I watched, they help Laraine Newman and Dave Foley with some supernatural problems.  David is excited to assist Laraine Newman because he's a fan of her work, and Paul is excited because he thinks she wrote the song "Short People."  When Laraine meets David and Paul at her studio, she assumes that David is a "D and D shut-in" and that Paul is a "simpleton" and wonders why they look nothing like the pictures on their website.  David explains that Paul's mother has dial-up, and they "don't know how to upload pictures."  Laraine tells the guys that she doesn't believe in the paranormal, but some really scary things have been happening there.  Laraine says that one time she was eating a sandwich when the closet door opened and closed by itself...and when she went back to her sandwich, the meat had turned from turkey into ham!  Another time she saw a ball bounce down the stairs and heard the laughter of a child, who then said, "I'm gonna kill you."  David suggests that they do a smudging ceremony, which involves a shaman burning sage and is "mostly bullshit," according to Paul.  Paul leaves to get the shaman, but it turns out Randy is out of town, so he brings a new "Randy," who smells like pee.  David and Paul conduct an EVP session, then find Randy dead in the bathroom with a needle in his arm, so they wrap him up in a rug and tell Lorraine the rug is cursed as they're leaving with the body.

Odd things have been happening on the set of Dave Foley's newest project, and David has found out that an actress died there in the 1940s.  Paul seems antsy and says it's because he itches where his genitals were shaved when he had his wisdom teeth removed (and I thought I had a bad experience when I got my mine out...).  Dave says he once saw a woman's reflection in the mirror, but when he turned around, no one was there.  Dave tells David and Paul that one day when he came out of the kitchen, the room directly outside of the kitchen was full of furniture...and it had been completely empty before he went into the kitchen.  Dave shows them to the elevator and says that one night when he was in the building alone, he was on the elevator and saw a woman in blue on the staircase; when the elevator reached its destination, Dave ran up the stairs, but could not find the woman.  David and Paul begin to investigate; Paul is stuck in the dark and screams for David and Dave, while David enters a room that has a bed in it and has sex with what he suspects is the ghost of the starlet who died in the building decades ago.  David and Paul tell Dave that the set is haunted but that he doesn't need to worry about the spirit; a blonde woman joins them, and Dave introduces them to his wife...who turns out to be the woman David thought was a ghost.

International Ghost Investigators: Hollywood Division is one of the more entertaining paranormal shows I've watched; I normally watch shows about real-life encounters, but I wish there were more shows like this one...I love comedy, and this show is pretty damn funny.

My rating: 9/10



  1. Thanks for the sweet blog! Love this show.

  2. Thanks for reading my blog! I definitely need to watch more episodes...I like that it's funny and doesn't scare the crap out of me. ; )