Saturday, January 10, 2015

Movie Spotlight: Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not is a 2009 movie starring Carly Schroeder, Cody Linley, Brie Gabrielle, Chloe Bridges, Zachary Abel, Sean Wing, Dan Gauthier, and Micah Alberti.  The movie begins with a young girl running through a cemetery, trying to get home; when she gets there, her parents ask what happened, and she says she doesn't remember.  The movie then flashes forward to high school graduation weekend, when Sandy Channing (Carly Schroeder) and her friends go to a graveyard at night (always a bad idea) to play a game, and a girl they don't recognize asks if she can play.  A few minutes later, the girl asks Sandy if she remembers her, and Sandy says she doesn't; the girl says, "You will," and jumps off a cliff.  The police can't find a body, and soon Sandy's friends start disappearing...and as if that weren't strange enough, whenever Sandy mentions one of the missing friends, the rest of the group has no recollection of that person.

Forget Me Not was a little better than some of the random paranormal movies I've found on Netflix; I liked the concept and thought the death scenes were creepy and well-done.

My rating: 6/10

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