Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Haunting Of...Giancarlo Esposito

I recently found out about a show called The Haunting Of... when I was searching Direct TV for paranormal shows to watch, and I decided to check out the episode about Giancarlo Esposito (aka Gus Fring, the baddest meth kingpin/chicken restaurant owner in television history). Giancarlo wants to understand the strange things he witnessed in the past, so he returns to his former home (built in 1864) in Ridgefield, Connecticut with medium Kim Russo. While Giancarlo was living in this house, he came home one day to find his daughter talking to "the little girl who used to live here"...but no one was there. Another time, he ascended the back stairway (noting that it was colder than the rest of the house) and saw a glowing light; when he moved closer, he was shocked to see the form of a man in a long black coat. Soon after, the family took a trip, and Giancarlo's brother house sat for them; when the family returned, the brother informed Giancarlo that he had seen a man in a long black coat.

Kim says that the male presence is bitter and unwelcoming, and once she is inside the house, she says that she sees a man in a long black robe or coat who is most likely a member of the clergy because he is holding a Bible over his heart. It turns out that a reverend used to live there and died in 1917 and that the part of the house where Kim saw the ghost used to be a church. Kim sees the man, his wife, and their son and says that the little girl is a separate entity from them. Russo believes that the reverend is claiming the house as his own, and that is why he has been haunting the house.

On her blog, Kim wrote that in a segment that was not shown, she performed a spiritual ceremony with Giancarlo's brother Kedar.  The ceremony involved chanting and candles, and they announced that they were ridding the home of souls who needed to move on; Kim believes that the ghosts are no longer present in the house.

I enjoyed my first episode of The Haunting Of..., and I definitely want to see more episodes.  My only criticism is that I think they should've shown the spiritual ceremony...it would have been interesting to see, and it would have brought a better sense of closure to the story.  Overall though, I thought it was a great show, and I was riveted the whole time I was watching it.

The Haunting Of... airs on the Bio channel.

My rating: 8/10

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