Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thought of the Day: We can handle it.

If aliens exist, I don't think the government needs to keep hiding it from us.  After everyone freaked out in 1938 when they thought War of the Worlds was real, I can understand why the government and military thought it was a good idea to say that what crashed in Roswell was a weather balloon (though threatening to kill people's entire families if they told the truth was a bit extreme), but now I think we can handle the truth.  When I hear about the horrible things that humans do to each other, I have to wonder if extraterrestrials are any more of a threat than the people we might come across on any given day.  Just when I think people can't get any worse, I hear something that proves me wrong, and I doubt that aliens (or any other otherworldly creature) would even be capable of doing things that are more evil than what the worst humans do on a daily basis.  If aliens landed on Earth right now, I have a feeling that instead of everyone being terrified (unless they were trying to destroy major cities like they always do in the movies), people would be uploading pictures and videos of them to Facebook and YouTube...and you know those aliens would have a reality show contract by the end of the day. ; ) 

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