Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cool Website of the Week: Crop Circle Connector

My first Cool Website of the Week is Crop Circle Connector.  This website was listed at the end of the documentary we watched during the Patty Greer lecture at the Roswell UFO Festival, and I wrote it down, so I could check it out later.  My favorite thing about the website is that they list every crop circle that has been reported each month...they already have 12 listed for this month!  One thing I noticed is that a good amount of the crop circles are turning up in Wiltshire, England, so if you want to see a crop circle, that's the place to go!  The website also posts a picture of each reported crop circle, and some of them are just amazing...on the "Latest Circles" page, there's a banner that says "Sand Circles," and if you click that, you'll see some impressive crop circles on the beach.  When I attended the Patty Greer's lecture at the UFO Festival, I learned that crop circles are made by orbs of light, which just makes them even more fascinating to me.  If you're interested in crop circles at all, you should definitely check out Crop Circle Connector.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll find out that there's a crop circle in your town!

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