Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cool Website of the Week:

When I went to the Roswell UFO Festival a few weeks ago, I attended a lecture by Patty Greer called "Crop Circles, Balls of Light, and Orbs."  The lecture was fascinating, so I checked out Patty's website to learn more about her work.  On the homepage, there is a picture gallery of crop circles (which are all really impressive) and a trailer for Patty's documentary The Wake Up Call, where you can see an example of the orbs of light that create crop circles.  Check out the "Movies and Trailers" section, where you can find trailers for all five of Patty's documentaries; I've only seen one of her documentaries so far, but it was so interesting that I want to see all of them!  If you've ever wondered about crop circles, you should check out this website...I have a feeling you'll come away feeling much more informed.

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