Thursday, July 25, 2013

Free book: Paranormal Legacy by Caitlin Hensley

Paranormal Legacy (The Inhuman Chronicles) by Caitlin Hensley is free for Kindle July 25th-27th.  Here's the info from Amazon:
"After moving to a rural Pennsylvania town, cynical teen Haily Long soon discovers that the next-door neighbors are paranormal creatures of darkness. Despite this little quirk, the Knight family seems friendly enough, especially handsome Nathan. Nathan is well-mannered and polite, your typical boy next door...except for the fact that he turns into something else once a month. In a matter of days, Haily is drawn deep into a shadowed world of danger and deceit, and learns startling truths about her own past. When sinister strangers come sniffing around town for Nathan, and Haily gets pulled into the resulting chaos, she must discover how to unlock her true heritage if she wants to survive."
This sounds really good, and it's rated 4.8 out of 5 stars...I'm going to get my copy as soon as I get home. : )

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