Monday, August 26, 2013

Ghost Hunters: The Henson Studios and the "Manson" House

Yesterday I watched a season 3 Ghost Hunters episode called "The Henson Studios and the 'Manson' House," and it was pretty creepy!  The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) gets a call from a man who lives next to where the Manson Family murders took place, and since the house where it occurred is no longer there, the man believes that the victims are now haunting his house.  The TAPS team meets with David Oman, the homeowner, and he tells them that strange things have been going on since he was building the house...a construction worker said that he heard voices and footsteps on the stairs that kept getting louder and then stopped; when he felt a cold breeze on his shoulders, he left and didn't return for six weeks.  David tells the team that one night he saw a ghost standing next to his bed, pointing toward the driveway; when David was researching the Manson murders a few months later, he realized that the ghost was Jay Sebring, one of Manson's victims.  The team calls in fellow investigator Chris Fleming since he has some equipment that they do not have, and they think it would be useful for this investigation.  Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango investigate the guest room; Steve asks the spirit to give them a sign that it's there, and the blinds start moving.  Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, and Chris take the living room and also ask for a sign; they hear a loud noise in the kitchen and cannot figure out what made the sound.  They then move to the master bedroom, where they feel cold spots, and the K-2 meter, which measures energy, starts going crazy.  They change the batteries to see if it's causing a malfunction and then start asking yes or no questions, hoping that a spirit will communicate with them by making the K-2 meter blink; they find out that the spirit who is communicating with them is male, he was murdered by the Manson Family, and there are more spirits in the house.  Chris asks if the spirit is Jay Sebring, and the K-2 meter blinks once for yes; they also learn that Sharon Tate is one of the spirits who is haunting the house.  They ask the spirit to prove he's there by making the temperature drop from 66 degrees to 62 degrees; the temperature in front of the thermometer changes, but the temperature in the rest of the room stays the same.  When reviewing the recordings from when Donna LaCroix and Steve were using the EVP meter in the living room, they hear a female voice answering Donna's questions; they did not hear this voice when they were in the room.

Next the TAPS team goes to the Jim Henson Studios, where studio employee Johan Filla says he saw a dark figure in a top hat on the roof one night; when he went to the roof to investigate, no one was there.  There have been many ghostly sightings there, including when one employee saw a woman disappear into a wall.  On the soundstage, Jason and Grant get a thermal hit that looks like a female body floating three feet off the ground, and in an area known as "The Barn," Dave and Donna hear a "Shh!," and Donna hears a voice whisper "Tango, Tango."  I was hoping that the paranormal activity was really The Muppets coming to life, but no such luck. ; )

The Manson Family part of the episode was pretty creepy, but the Jim Henson Studios wasn't too scary...I don't really want to meet any ghosts though, so I'll probably never take a tour of the studio, even though I'm a little obsessed with The Muppets.

My rating: 9/10

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