Monday, August 5, 2013

Ghost Hunters: Haunted by Heroes

I'd never watched Ghost Hunters, but I thought that since I'm running a paranormal blog now, it might be a good idea to start.  My first episode was season eight's  "Haunted by Heroes," which was filmed in my hometown. 

The TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) team has been contacted by Mac Burdette, the executive director of Patriots Point in Mt. Pleasant, SC, about the paranormal activity on the USS Yorktown, an aircraft carrier that is now a museum ship.  During World War II and Vietnam, 141 men died on the Yorktown, and people have reported seeing mysterious figures climbing ladders, apparitions that can be seen so clearly that it's clear they're wearing USS uniforms, doors slamming in areas where no one goes, and strange noises and voices.  Burdette wants to know if the ship is being haunted by soldiers, so they can be shown the proper respect. 

The TAPS team's lead investigators, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, investigate the museum area of the ship and hear odd noises.  When they watch the footage they have just shot, they see a figure stand up and walk out of the shot...and of course, there was no one in the room with them!  Later, Jason and Grant move to the second deck and hear footsteps going down a hallway; they follow, but never find the source of the footsteps. Not long after, Grant feels something touch him on the chest, as if it is trying to pass by him.  Investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry head to the flight deck, where they see someone walking. They chase him and never find him; they contact the rest of the crew to see if any of them were on the flight deck, but everyone is accounted for and none of them were in that area.  Amy and Adam then go to what Amy describes as "the bowels of the ship" and set up a shadow detector, which will make a sound if anything moves over it; they leave the room and soon hear footsteps and voices...and then the shadow detector goes off!  In the engine room, investigators Britt Griffith and K.J. McCormick hear footsteps on the metal grate above them.  The TAPS team returns to their headquarters, analyze their evidence, and conclude that the ghosts who are haunting the Yorktown are spirits who belong there.
I enjoyed this episode of Ghost Hunters and will definitely be watching more of them.  I can't say for sure whether everything on the show is real, but I'll be avoiding the Yorktown for the rest of my life anyway. ; )

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