Monday, August 19, 2013

Celebrity Ghost Stories: 10 Most Terrifying Places, Part 1

Over the weekend, I watched an episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories entitled "10 Most Terrifying Places" (or as I like to call it, "10 Places I Will Avoid Forever").  I was planning on writing a summary/review of the episode, but then I decided it would be more fun to write a haiku about each terrifying place talked about in the episode.
#10. Wadecombe Ghost Town (Devon, England)
On his honeymoon,
Daniel Stern saw people dressed
All in black, silent.
Approached a woman
To ask her for directions...
When she turned around,
Her eyes were all white.
She began speaking in tongues.
Was she the spirit
Of one who had died
In the church so long ago
When a bad storm caused
The steeple to fall
Inside the church one sad day?
Many lost their lives.
#9. The Oriental Theatre (Chicago, Illinois)
Ana Gasteyer
Went backstage after her show,
Heard a child's voice,
Then saw a woman
And two children dressed strangely.
They were all wearing
Old-timey clothing,
"Turn of the century garb."
They turned a corner,
Vanished, and Ana
Learned there was a fire there
That had killed hundreds.
#8. La Reserve De Beaulieu (South of France)
Erik Estrada
Was thrown from a horse, landed
On a tree stump (ouch!).
Back at the hotel,
He had pain, shortness of breath.
He opened his eyes
And saw a woman
Staring out of the window.
She was dressed in white.
The pain struck again,
And the woman approached him.
She put one hand where
It hurt, the other
Over his eyes; could she have
Been a ghostly nurse?
#7. Il Palazzo Venezia (Venice, Italy)
Joan Collins went to
A party.  A portrait of
A woman hung on
The dining room wall.
She was said to haunt the room.
Windows flew open.
The guests found candy
Forming a body outline
Where the woman died.
A knife flew across
The room, embedding itself
In the wall; they screamed.
The butler told them
The woman had been stabbed by
Her jealous husband.
#6. Old Main Prison (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
After filming, Scott
Patterson and producer
Wandered to Death Row
And the gas chamber,
Where Scott took a seat and heard
Three knocks from below.
Saw black shapes sitting
In the viewing area.
He ran away and
Saw a winged figure
At the top of the stairway.
It flew toward him, so
He got on the ground.
He screamed and covered his head,
Felt it fly over.
To be continued...

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