Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Celebrity Ghost Stories: 10 Most Terrifying Places, Part 2

Here is the rest of the Celebrity Ghost Stories: 10 Most Terrifying Places countdown...if you missed the first half, check out yesterday's post. : )

#5. Chelsea Hotel (New York City)

Heading to his room,
Michael Imperioli
Heard someone crying.
Looking down the hall,
He saw a woman sobbing.
She was dressed in black.
Michael asked if she
Was okay, then heard a pop.
A light had gone out
Behind him; he turned
Back to the woman, but she
Was no longer there.
Her name was Mary.
She lived there in 1912.
After she found out
Her husband had died
On the Titanic, she hung
Herself in her room.

#4. The Osborne Estate (Buckinghamshire, England)

Jack Osborne, watching
TV with his dad Ozzy,
Saw a shadowy
Figure walking down
The hall; the figure vanished.
Jack's clairvoyant friend
Came over and said
That she felt some spiritual
Activity there.
As they headed for
The third floor, she stopped and said,
"There's a man up there"
Who doesn't want to
Hurt them, just isn't ready
To leave.  It turns out
The house was once a
Recovery hospital
For wounded soldiers.

#3. A cabin in the woods (Ishpeming, Michigan)

Lewis Black was quite
Disturbed when he kept hearing
Crying babies in
A cabin where he
Was staying in the dark woods.
It sounded like a
Dozen babies, like
It was coming through the walls.
Lewis was later
Told that a vet had
Owned the cabin and performed
Abortions inside.

#2. Leech Lake (Northern Minnesota)

Samantha Harris
Was in a tent in the woods
With fellow campers.
Heard motorcycle
Noises, saw a light circling
The tent.  In the morning,
They found tire tracks
Around the tent, but none of
The other campers
Saw or heard a thing.
They talked to some counselors
And learned that in the
Seventies, a few
College students went there on
Motorcycles, and
They were murdered there.
Were they warning the girls that
Evil was still there?

#1. An abandoned house (Westport, Connecticut)

Linda Blair found a
Rundown house in the middle
Of the woods with her
Sister and a friend.
Once inside, they heard creepy
Noises and thought that
They should leave; two girls
Got out, and the door shut right
Behind them.  Linda
Pulled with all her might,
But the door refused to budge.
Linda heard footsteps,
Turned and saw a man,
A woman, and a little
Girl dragging a doll.
As they closed in on
Linda, the door flew open,
And her sister pulled
Her out.  She later
Heard that a family was
Killed there long ago.


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