Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Paranormal Witness: The Manson Curse

Paranormal Witness airs on the Syfy channel, and the episodes I've seen have been pretty creepy.  I recently watched an episode called "The Manson Curse," and it was no exception.  When David Oman found out that he could buy a lot in Beverly Hills for only $40,000, he couldn't pass it up.  Three years later, David and his father finished building the house on Cielo Drive, and David decided to have a housewarming party; hours before the party was set to begin, David heard a knock at the door, but when he answered it, no one was there. At the party, Lawreen Yakkel entered the kitchen to get a bottle of wine and saw a dark-haired man pass by window that no one could walk by...because it was at least twenty feet off the ground.  Later, a glass on wine flew across the room and smashed against the wall (this spirit is a real party pooper).  Lisa Rigsbee, David's girlfriend at the time, went up to bed early one night and heard the bedroom door open as she tried to fall asleep; she thought it was David, of course, but instead she saw a man she didn't recognize who soon disappeared.  

Since David used to be a private investigator, he decided to find out what was going on in his home.  During his research he discovered that the Manson murders took places four houses down the street from his house. David invited his friends Jeff Mandel and Kashmir White over to watch a movie that night, and they heard strange voices coming from the intercom, which you have to be inside the house to use. While David searched the house, with his rifle for protection,  disembodied voices began traveling around the room Jeff and Kashmir were in.  Jeff decided to search the house, and though he didn't find anyone, he heard a raspy "death rattle" just before a blast of air almost knocked him over.  Jeff convinced David to set up filming and recording equipment to help them find out what was going on; apparently, the spirit didn't like it because it tried to take the video camera out of Jeff's hands one night.  When he played the video back, he heard a voice saying "Jeffrey, don't shoot me." (Creepy!)  Later that night, David was awakened by the sound of footsteps and went to investigate; all he found was the projector still running, even though he was sure he'd turned it off.  He went back to sleep, but he soon awoke again, and this time he saw...a man standing at the foot of the bed! (That would be the last time I slept in that house.)  The man pointed out the window at the driveway and disappeared after David heard a loud bang.  Jeff came over the next day and showed David some of the footage they'd shot, convincing David that there was indeed a ghost in his house.

David called his friends at the LAPD, and they let him look through the evidence from the Manson murders. That's when he realized that Jay Sebring was the man he saw at the foot of his bed and that the bang he'd heard must have been a gunshot.  When  David found a picture of Steven Parent, who had been shot in Sharon Tate's driveway the night of the murders, he realized that must be why Sebring's spirit had pointed at the driveway.  David called in psychic Alma Carey to check out the house without telling her anything that had happened; at one point, the temperature dropped and she felt a strange energy...and that's when she saw the ghost of a blonde woman downstairs.  Alma went downstairs to find the woman and ran into David, who said no one else was in the house, so Alma suggested they hold a seance.   During the seance, the lights flickered and a flame on one of the candles bent in half when Alma asked if anyone was there, and when she asked it if was Sharon Tate, all the lights and candles went out.  Something tried to take the camera out of Jeff's hands, then Kashmir's chair started moving.  Alma asked, "Why are you here?,"  and they heard "heartbreaking" screams.  Alma began clutching her stomach and felt like she was being stabbed, and David realized that they were "having a shared experience of the victims who were killed down the street at the hands of Charles Manson and his followers."  David couldn't figure out why his house was being targeted when it was 150 feet from where the murders took place and wondered if the victims had tried to escape the house and ran to the neighbors' for help.  David still lives in the house (WHY?!) and the paranormal activity is still going on.

This episode was pretty creepy...Paranormal Witness is a great show, and I'm glad I have three more episodes on my DVR.

My rating: 8/10

Last August I wrote about an episode of Ghost Hunters where the TAPS team investigated David's house...you can check that out here:


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