Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guest blogger: Michelle Wright. Psychic Medium, Author, and Optimist

Today is a special day because we have our first guest blogger!  Her name is Michelle Wright, she's a psychic medium, and this is her story:

I never woke up one morning horrified to find I was surrounded by spirits. It was as if I was expected to see them and if it wasn’t deceased family members giving me messages and signs it would be spirits connected to my school friends. The latter became nothing short of a nightmare as I would march into school happy to think I was helping by blurting out warnings and other strange stuff. What I got for my trouble was fights or detention for disrupting the class until I wised up and stayed quiet. Being this way had been a way of life for so long I never knew any different, naively believing everyone could see what I saw. 

They didn’t which resulted in a stressful childhood. My mother was a psychic medium as was my grandmother and her mother before her. I had without consent inherited the gene or gift as my mother put it even though I saw it as something far more sinister—a curse. Even today I can identify with world famous mediums who in their autobiographies talk about their early years being a major struggle as they battled against being seen as a ‘freak’ or ‘emotionally disturbed.’ Apart from my immediate family I had to grapple the same problem. Biting my tongue whenever I wanted to blurt out a spirit message to a complete stranger became the norm as did keeping my gift a secret for many years.

Someone asked me once what it felt like to live with one foot in the other world while going about my daily life. My answer was simple...I have always believed in an afterlife where loved ones wait in joy for our return home. This world is just a school of learning, a place to advance our souls and burn karma. The world beyond is the one I accept more readily. What’s it like ‘over there’ is a common question from clients who come to me for readings. Here is where I’d like to dispel the myth that we all float on clouds playing harps or sleep forever. We are still very much alive, more than ever as we enter a wider world which s an ethereal copy of our reality. Spirits create homes and environments as much the same as what they had when alive until they are ready to move on to a higher realm. Loved ones prepare for our passing and pets we had wait patiently for our return. So where do I fit in? 

I bring forth the messages only the person in front of me will make sense of. This is a reassurance they are hearing from someone other than me and a chance to let go of the grief which may have been holding them back. I don’t use tarot cards or ask for something personal to work with. I am a channeller...a direct link. Most of my psychic experiences are visual. I see the spirit usually standing by my ride side bringing not only messages but showing me how they passed. Sometimes I pull back if they passed over suddenly, or in a lot of pain because I can take on what they were feeling...not pleasant for me at all and very draining. Often, at the end of a reading I’m left with a headache or fatigue which passes within the hour. On the bright side spirits can be funny. I remember one reading I did where a loving mother was determined her daughter didn’t leave her floor so wet after she washed it. “Do you want someone to go head over heels?” she said. For the daughter it was proof her mother had come back and was still making her bossy presence felt! Then there are excitable spirits who have waited so long for a medium to relay messages they are impossible to understand. Imagine you’ve not been able to speak to someone close to you for years because you lost touch. One day out of the blue you find each other again. I doubt the first words spoken would be formal, if anything you’ll both be too excited and probably babble for the first few seconds. A spirit waiting for the all important connection is exactly the same. We don’t change very much.

I sometimes wonder why I was landed with a responsibility which often feels like a burden. Life as a medium is not an easy one, but I wouldn’t change a thing and, I will always hear my wise mother’s words. “Like it or not, it’s what it is, a way to help people who really need it.’’

From the age of nine I was passionate about becoming a writer, now, having fulfilled my dream through journalism I graduated to writing paranormal and historical fiction novels. Earlier this year I signed with a great new publishing company Curiosity Quills who released two of my previously self-published novels and three new ones. But no matter how busy my schedule is I still make time for giving psychic readings whether they be face to face or by email. After all said and done I can’t ignore the obvious. I will always be a medium.
Check out Michelle's website!

If you'd like to know more about Michelle's books, here's her Amazon author page: 

Thanks for being my first guest blogger, Michelle...that was fascinating!

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