Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cool Website of the Week: Mutual UFO Network

This week's cool website is the Mutual UFO Network (more commonly known as MUFON).  MUFON is probably the most well known UFO organization, and their website is full of great information...there's an FAQ that answers questions about MUFON and UFOLOGY, a page that lists UFO-related events, a store, news, information about other UFO organizations, and a place where you can find your local chapter of MUFON (unfortunately, it looks like the South Carolina chapter may be defunct since the link to their website comes up with a page saying the domain is for sale).  You can also donate money or join MUFON on the website, and believe me, if I hadn't quit my job, I would probably be paying the $50 to join and get the hard copy of their journal...and then I just might be tempted to fill out the application to become a MUFON field investigator (that sounds really interesting)!

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