Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Book Review: Haunted Charleston

Haunted Charleston by Sara Pitzer contains twenty-five stories about ghosts in Charleston, South Carolina, which just so happens to be where I live.  The book is divided into six sections: Hospitality Haunts, Grave Haunts, Scary Places, Heard But Not Seen, Seen But Not Heard, Plantation Haunts, and The Gullah Legends.  The places that are talked about in the book include the Battery Carriage House Inn (which is haunted by a heartbroken college student who committed suicide and by a much more terrifying growling headless male), St. Michael's Episcopal Churchyard (haunted by Harriet Mackie, who died at age seventeen the night before her wedding), the Old City Jail (haunted by Lavinia Fisher, who is believed to be America's first female serial killer), the Joe E. Berry Residence Hall at the College of Charleston (thought to be haunted by children who died in a fire when the residence hall used to be the Charleston Orphanage), and the Dock Street Theatre (haunted by a prostitute who was struck by lightning on the balcony when the theatre was the Planters Inn).  I had heard a few of the stories in the book before, but not most of them, which was nice since I think I've read every book about Charleston ghosts in the Charleston County library system.  If you live in Charleston, this book is a must!  If you just visit here or are interested in haunted cities, you'll probably enjoy the book too. : )

My rating: 8.5/10


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