Monday, June 22, 2015

Book Review: From My Side of the Bed by Lisa Romanek

From My Side of the Bed is a 2011 book by Lisa Romanek, who is the wife of alien abductee Stan Romanek. (You can read my review of Stan's book Messages here:
Lisa was living in Holdrege, Nebraska, with her three children when she met Stan in an online chat room. When Stan was filming the landscape at Red Rocks in Colorado in late 2000 in an attempt to convince Lisa to visit him, he happened to capture a UFO on tape; Lisa and her siblings used to look for UFOs in the sky when they were growing up, but Stan wasn't a believer until he saw a UFO for himself.  In the fall of 2001, Lisa herself saw a UFO on a trip to Pennsylvania with Stan and his best friend (Mark)-both on the way there and on the way home.  A week later, Stan saw a UFO outside of his workplace; it followed him home, where his sister and Mark also saw it. Stan woke up the next morning with sores on his wrists, ankles, and back, and Lisa told him to change his sheets in case there was a spider in his bed.  Stan told her that he remembered three aliens coming to his apartment and wasn't entirely sure it was a dream; he underwent hypnosis, and as Stan described the extraterrestrial encounter, Lisa realized that it had not been a dream.  She began to worry because she didn't know how to keep Stan safe and prevent this from happening again.

Stan and Lisa were married in July 2002 and moved the family Kearney, Nebraska, hoping that the aliens wouldn't find them in a bigger city, but Stan was abducted again in November 2002. After seeing red lights through the bedroom window in February 2004, Stan woke up wearing a Mickey Mouse nightgown that he had never seen before; to his dismay, Lisa had no idea where it came from either.  Stan later found out who it belonged to, and boy, was he surprised!  The family was constantly followed by black SUVs and watched and harassed by the military, and when they moved to Colorado Springs, someone broke into their house, and only took Stan's UFO files.

From My Side of the Bed is just as fascinating as Messages, and Lisa ends every chapter in a way that makes you feel like you have to read the next one immediately.  Lisa seems very credible, and I could really feel her frustration and fear when she talks about the havoc the aliens brought into her life.  There are enough every day, mundane things to worry about in life, so Lisa must be an incredibly strong person to be able to deal with the stress of worrying about her spouse being abducted, as well as worrying about keeping her children safe in a home that is routinely visited by extraterrestrials.  I'm glad that Lisa decided to share her story. : )

My rating: 9/10

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