Friday, June 26, 2015

World UFO Day Festival

July 2nd is World UFO Day, and if you can't make it to Roswell for their UFO Festival July 4th weekend, I have good news: there's also a UFO festival in Memphis, Tennesse on July 2nd. The festival is being put on by the Tennessee chapter of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) in Pine Hill Park (973 Alice Ave.) and sounds like a lot of fun! They're having pet and human alien costume contests, music, stand-up comedy, magicians, a moonwalking contest, a parade, and more. Speakers include UFO abductee Travis Walton, UFO researcher/investigator Peter Robbins, founder of the Renford Institute of Applied Metaphysics James Renford Powell, and Captain Lamar Todd, a former Memphis police captain who saw a UFO above the Pine Hill Golf Course in 1977 (this is why the festival is taking place at Pine Hill Park). Check out the World UFO Day Festival website for info, and if you end up going and would like to write a guest post about it, please contact me at : )

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