Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Movie Spotlight: Alien Tornado

Alien Tornado is a 2012 Syfy movie about aliens using tornadoes to take over the Earth...so of course there was no chance that I wasn't going to watch it.  The movie stars Jeff Fahey, Stacey Asaro, Kari Wuhrer, David Jensen, and Willard E. Pugh, and the movie begins with Judd Walker (Jeff Fahey) creepily whispering to a horse until his daughter Kelly (Stacey Asaro) walks in and starts being a bitch because her dad isn't excited enough about her SAT scores.  All is forgiven though after an electrical tornado comes out of nowhere and almost kills Judd.  We then meet Gail Curtis (Kari Wuhrer), a storm chaser who has just gotten 132 tornado reports and wonders why the National Weather Service doesn't know about them; she receives a video of one of the strange tornadoes and goes to that town to meet the person who sent it to her (who proclaims to be her biggest fan and yells all of her lines for some reason...I guess even the aliens are annoyed with her since they get her with a tornado later in the movie).  They spot an electrical tornado and decide to chase it, and soon they meet Judd and Kelly; Kelly is thrilled to meet Gail because apparently storm chasers are famous in this movie. (Can you name one storm chaser? Neither can I.)  Before long, Kelly intercepts an alien signal and wants to prove that aliens are causing the tornadoes so she can get a scholarship and leave  this lame town forever. (If she aced the SATs like she claimed, shouldn't that be enough to get her a scholarship?)  A creepy government guy (David Jensen) sends his minions to track Kelly down and bring her to him, but she manages to escape and not end up being murdered by Creepy Government Guy.

Alien Tornado is about what you'd expect for a Syfy Original, and it's kind of boring for a movie about aliens attacking the Earth with tornadoes.  I didn't enjoy watching this one nearly as much as I enjoyed watching and writing about Ghost Shark.

My rating: 5/10

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