Thursday, July 31, 2014

International Ghost Investigators: Hollywood Division (Jenny McCarthy)

I watched my first episode of International Ghost Investigators: Hollywood Division (a parody about paranormal investigators that airs on the Audience network) a few months ago, and I loved it, so I decided to write about another episode...this time David Anthony Higgins and Paul Greenberg help Jenny McCarthy with her poltergeist problems.  The episode begins with  Dave and Anthony arriving at Jenny's house, which was built in 1958 and has a history of actresses being bothered by a "frisky" spirit.  Dave says that  he heard Jenny was having a problem with an "amorous apparition," and  Jenny says she doesn't know what either of those words mean.  Paul explains it, and Jenny tells them that she rented the house because she knew women who had lived there and had sex with the ghost that haunts the place.  Jenny says she'd like to do the same thing, but she wants to know what the ghost looks like because she doesn't sleep with ugly people.  She also wants the guys to find out if ghost semen is invisible because she "just paid a lot for this hair and doesn't want to ruin it."

Jenny takes Paul and Dave into the kitchen, where Paul gives her a mixed CD that she later destroys.  She tells them that the first time she encountered the spirit, she was putting dishes in the cabinet when she felt a presence "doing something to [her] from behind."  Jenny takes issue with the reenactment of her story because she does not in fact wear a French maid outfit when she unloads the dishwasher.  Paul takes some radiation readings, while Dave takes pictures (mostly of Paul).  Later Jenny walks past the bathroom and is disgusted to see Dave sitting on the toilet while Paul takes radiation readings; she snaps a picture on her cell phone, then walks away.  They tell Jenny that they have evidence of a spirit and are close to figuring out who it is, so Dave suggests that they try Spirit Drawing, which involves hypnotizing Paul and letting the spirit take over his body and draw himself (literally) through Paul.  Dave hypnotizes Paul, and Paul immediately falls onto Jenny's breasts.  Paul draws a portrait while hypnotized, and Dave says the ghost is Raoul Demarco, an Argentinian polo player who "drowned in the pool, along with his polo pony."  Dave shows Jenny a photo of Raoul and says that he slept with Clara Bow and Joan Crawford, and Jenny is happy about the identity of her ghost.  The guys leave some recording equipment "for scientific purposes," and it catches Jenny being visited by her ghostly lover; she says she "didn't feel violated, [she] felt elated."  The next morning, Jenny opens her curtains, and Paul and Dave run screaming out of her closet, wearing night vision goggles, which apparently aren't "so good with direct sunlight" and cause temporary blindness.  Dave says, "In answer to Jenny's other question, it is invisible."

International Ghost Investigators: Hollywood Division is a great show, and if you want to watch a paranormal show that won't scare the crap out of you, this is the show for you!

My rating: 9/10

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