Saturday, July 19, 2014

When Ghosts Attack: Deliver Us From Evil Spirits

Since my When Ghosts Attack recaps are some of my most popular blog posts, I decided to watch another episode even though this show always scares the shit out of me.  This episode is called "Deliver Us from Evil Spirits," and it originally aired on Destination America in October 2013.  On November 22, 2011, Joy Stinson took a short trip with her friends to an antebellum plantation in central Louisiana that was said to be haunted by several spirits, including the spirit of a man who was murdered there.  When Joy got back to her family (husband Jamie and three daughters) in Mt. Herman, Louisiana and was showing Jamie the pictures she took on her trip, they saw a ghostly face in a few of the pictures.  On Thanksgiving night, Joy and Jamie heard their two-year-old scream, and when Joy went to check on her, her daughter said there had been "a mean man in her room" and had night terrors for a few weeks after that.  On December 7th, Joy was sleeping alone (Jamie worked out-of-town and was only home on weekends) and heard her bedroom door start to open; when she looked to see if one of her daughters were there, the door was completely open, and when she looked in the hallway, she was shocked to see the face of the man from the pictures she had taken at the plantation house.  (That would be my cue to leave.)  Two weeks later, Joy and Jamie were sleeping when "a paralyzing pressure" came over Joy and she saw the ghostly face above her; she managed to move one arm and wake Jamie up, but he couldn't move her because the weight on top of her was too much, so he prayed until the spirit let Joy go.  On January 7, 2012, they got a Catholic priest to bless the house , and Joy noticed that the priest seemed afraid.  One night soon after, the family was eating dinner when one the girls started acting strange and then tried to strangle Joy; after it was all over, they talked to their daughter about it, but she couldn't remember anything that had just happened.  They put her to bed, but she later came downstairs with demonic symbols carved into her arm and said that she felt stinging and they just appeared. Joy became very upset and was then pushed into the ground and felt something heavy on her chest.  (This ghost is a real asshole.)  Joy decided that it would be a good idea to sell the house.  The moral of this story: Don't go to a place that's known to be might bring a ghost back with you.

In Lennox, South Dakota in 1980, Jules Ness was a newlywed with a six-month-old baby, and her mother-in-law wanted to know if Jules and her husband were interested in buying a house she had just inherited. Jules' mother-in-law said that she'd had trouble keeping renters in the house, but apparently she didn't tell them why because they ended up buying the house.  Jules said that things didn't feel "quite right" when they moved in, and her fears were confirmed when a local couple who were painting the outside of the house in sweltering heat refused Jules' invitation to come in for a drink, one of them saying, "We're not going in that house."  On June 5th, Jules felt an inexplicable "ice cold wind" in the house, and a bowl that Jules had pushed all the way to the back of the cabinet flew out and shattered on the floor.  One night Jules heard loud footsteps in the house, and her husband got up to see what was going on; when he went downstairs, all of the kitchen chairs were "laying on their backs all around the table."  Her husband checked all of the doors, but they were locked , so they knew whoever knocked the chairs over was not a human intruder.  On June 21st, Jules woke up to the sound of her son screaming, but when she checked his crib, he wasn't there; she could still hear him screaming and found him underneath the crib; it would've been impossible for him to get out of the crib by himself because he wore braces on his legs.  A few days later, Jules was awakened by loud footsteps coming down the hall; she saw the door open by itself and heard a male voice next to her ear; she felt something crawl onto the bed, and she screamed until her husband woke up.  After being in the house for almost a month, some neighbors invited them over, and Jules told them she thought her house might be haunted.  One of the neighbors told Jules' husband that his great-grandfather killed his great-grandmother in the house and then hung himself in the garage.  Jules and her husband confronted his mother with this information, and she said that she kept it from them because she didn't think they needed to know.  On July 6th, something tried to push Jules down the stairs while she was holding her son, and she decided she couldn't live there anymore. She has not experienced any paranormal activity since leaving the house.

This episode of When Ghosts Attack didn't creep me out as much as the other episodes I've watched, but it was still pretty creepy.  I should stop watching this show while I'm home alone. ; )

My rating: 8/10

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