Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Ghost Speaks: The Ghost of Murder Hill/The Sailor’s Secret

I recently discovered a creepy Bio channel show called The Ghost Speaks, and I hope they show more episodes because I really liked it and had to keep looking overmy shoulder to make sure a ghost wasn’t sneaking up behind me. ; ) . On the show, we hear from real people who have had paranormal experiences, and, in a move that sets this show apart from the countless other paranormal shows out there, we also hear the ghost’s point of view (which is of course totally made up, but that doesn’t stop it from being creepy).

The first half of the show was called “The Ghost of Murder Hill,” and the incidents discussed took place in La Porte, Indiana in 2001.  Mike and Laury Render bought a house that sat on property that was formerly owned by serial killer Belle Gunness.  After moving in, they noticed their son talking to a ghost by the woods; young Devincalled it “The Killer Ghost.”  Ghosts inside the house told Devin about how and where they died, and a ghost in the family’s car was a silhouette of a man who told Devin that he would hurt Laury if anything happened to him (I don’t know what the ghost thought could possibly happen to him since he’d already been murdered).  Historian Bruce Johnson says that Belle Gunness murdered and buried at least thirteen people on the property and that she may have murdered as many as twenty-two, so that’s a lot of potential ghosts!  Belle also set her house on fire with her four poisoned children and a servant (who she decapitated in order to fool people into thinking the body was hers) in the basement because she wanted to get away and couldn’t take the children with her.  Neighbor Diana Yerbey, who has lived in her house for sixty years and has seen the ghost of Belle, believes that the neighborhood is cursed.  Sometime after the Renders moved into their house on the haunted property, a fire started in the basement, and it was ruled spontaneous combustion…but I have a feeling that a certain evil spirit had something to do with it.

The second half of the episode was called “The Sailor’s Secret,” and it dealt with a single mother named Jackie Hernandez who was stalked by a ghost in San Pedro, California in 1987.  The ghostly stalker was a sailor, Herman Hendrickson, who drowned in 1930 after being hit with a rock.  It all started with Jackie feeling something watching her in her house and hearing noises…and she even saw the figure of a man with evil eyes sitting on her son’s bed.  One night Jackie woke up feeling like something was on top of her; she couldn’t breathe and saw lights moving around the room, so she decided to call paranormal investigator Dr. Barry Taff.  While investigating this incident, Taff’s photographer, Jeff Wheatcraft, ended up with a noose around his neck in the attic and believed that it was put there by the possessive ghost.  Jackie wanted out of the house, so she got in her car and drove to a trailer park near Bakersfield, but the paranormal activity did not end.  She heard banging on her shed all night, so Jeff, along with cameraman Barry Conrad, arrived shortly after and set a camera up and pointed it at the shed; they were all watching when the camera turned around on the tripod and pointed at them.  Jeff and Barry went to Barry’s apartment to review the footage, and strange things started happening, such as chairs ending up on top of the tables.  They decided to try to contact the spirit with a Ouija board, and they learned the ghost’s name and how he died.  They asked if the spirit had any enemies, and he spelled “JEFF” right before Jeff was knocked out by a sudden gust of air.

These stories were interesting and creepy, but since the show is only an hour, of course they had to leave some things out.  I can’t find much online about the Murder Hill hauntings, but I’ll leave you with a link to a more detailed account aboutthe Jackie Hernandez case.

My rating: 8.5/10  

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