Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Craziest

I recently watched a 2013 special on the Travel Channel called Halloween Craziest, and it showcased some of the scariest Halloween attractions in North America.  Here's a list of the attractions and a little information about each one:

-McKamey Manor (San Diego): Owner Russ McKamey has spent about $500,000 converting his home into a terrifying haunted house using animatronics, cgi, and special effects.  He also handcuffs people and covers their heads with hoods and says that some people have gotten so scared they’ve passed out.  Russ does 8 shows every weekend in September and October and uses neighborhood kids as some of his 15 actors.

-Zombie Crawl (Denver, Colorado): This event hosts 15,000 "zombies" every October and includes something called the Organ Trail scavenger hunt, which founder Danny Newman describes as “clue-solving scavenger hunt all around downtown Denver.”  Some of the challenges include crime scene investigation and eating live worms.  There is also a sack race in which zombies have to hop to a drinking station, drink some “zombie juice,” and hop back to their starting point.

-Fearshire Farms (Angelton, Texas): Owners Rodney and Cindy Davis transform their farm into the haunted Fearshire Farm (which includes a haunted corn maze) at night; it is believed that the farmhouse is haunted by a family who lived and died there in the 1800s.  It is not uncommon for visitors to Fearshire Farm to soil themselves out of fear.

-Delusion: The Blood Rite (Los Angeles): This is an “interactive horror play” where the audience members have to act as former patients of a dead psychiatrist who they want to resurrect.  Writer/director Jon Braver is a stuntman who has made sure that his play has “movie-quality stunt work.”

-Skin City Body Painting (Las Vegas): People go here to have their costumes painted on; the work is very impressive, but the customers are basically naked, and the body painting costs way more than an actual costume does.

-Zombie Paintball Hayride (Fenton, Missouri): This attraction debuted in 2012; Creepyworld creator Larry Kirchner says the hayride “takes people through an Old West town, and then everywhere you turn, there’s a creepy zombie ready to eat you.”

-Lemp Brewery (St. Louis, MO): The brewery was shut down by prohibition in 1919, and 5 members of the Lemp family died in the mansion that was connected to the brewery over the next 30 years; at least 3 of these deaths were suicides.   For $20, you can go into the caves and caverns underneath the brewery and walk through 10 scary scenes; some of the actors believe that the brewery really is haunted.

-Statesville Haunted Prison (Crest Hill, Illinois): Mastermind John LaFlamboy says the idea of the prison is that these prisoners were too evil for regular jail and ended up taking over the prison.  This attraction has 150 inmates, 23 rooms, live roaches, spiders, and snakes (including an 8-foot boa constrictor), and a “Clown Room.”

-Hell’s Gate Pumpkin Drop (Hope, British Columbia): People drop pumpkins from airtrams that are 500 feet in the air.

-Zip of Terror (Boyne Falls, Michigan): This is a haunted zipline that people have to do in the dark; when they walk through the woods to get from one zipline to another, scary things jump out at them.

-Blackout Haunted House (New York, NY): Visitors to the “twelve scenarios of psychological torment” must be over 18 and go by themselves with only a flashlight and a protective mask.  Don’t go if you’re not willing to be groped.

-Coffin Race (Manitou Springs, Colorado): This race honors Emma Crawford, who was buried on top of Red Mountain and whose casket sped down the mountain after a storm.  Each homemade coffin has 1 person inside and 4 pushers (or pallbearers); the race is 195 yards with 50 teams running 2 by 2.


  1. I actually wouldn't mind going to the paintball one

    As to McKamey Manor and Blackout Haunted House, I don't agree with the way they are run. I don't think the customers should be touched in any way.

    I am a part of a haunted house myself, Crow's Aslyum, and we make it a point not to touch the customers to avoid the claims of groping. These claims could also lead to lawsuits...

    Yes, I just did a shameless plug lol

  2. If your haunted house has a website, comment with the link, and I'll do a blog post about it. : )