Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ghost Bait: Demon House

I recently discovered a new paranormal show called Ghost Bait, and I'll warn you not to watch it alone at night.  I've watched a few episodes of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, but Ghost Bait is scarier than those shows...the point of the show is that the investigators use their client's fear to try "to draw the spirits out and find out why they're here."  The first episode is called "Demon House" and deals with a haunted 140-year-old house whose owner has lived there nine years and cannot sell the place.  The ParaCORE team (team leader Bob Magill, lead investigator Aimee, tech supervisor Mallie, and researcher Bill) meets with Billy, the homeowner, who says he has never spent the night in the house.  Inside the house, Billy shows the team the staircase and tells them that the higher he climbs the more uncomfortable he feels; he also says that his 8-year-old son hears and feels people on the stairs and doesn't like going into one of the upstairs bedrooms because he hears a little girl in there.  Billy tells the team that in the 1940s, a young girl went missing, and though her body was never found, it was believed that she was murdered in the house; as Billy tells this story, a light bulb explodes and scares the crap out of everyone!

Aimee checks out the upstairs bedroom and notes that it is very cold; she hears a noise, then the electromagnetic field detector (EMF) goes off.  Bob calls in psychic medium C.J. Sellers, and when she enters the bedroom, she senses the presence of a sad child and a mentally-challenged male.  Bill and Aimee find a doll buried under a pile of rocks in the crawlspace.  The team decides that Billy will be used as ghost bait in the upstairs bedroom, so they cover his head and put a heart monitor on him.  Once in the bedroom, Billy tells the spirits that they need to leave, and the room temperature suddenly drops...then the comforter starts moving on its own as if someone is unmaking the bed! So creepy! After the team shows Billy the footage, they decide to put a gravestone in the yard, hoping that the spirit of the child will find closure.  Excavators found no remains in the crawlspace, and Billy's son says that the girl is no longer there.

Ghost Bait is a creepy show, and it's only half an hour, so try to catch an episode if you can (it airs on the Bio channel).  I wish there were more than three episodes because I want to watch so many more!

My rating: 9/10

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