Friday, October 18, 2013

Haunted History: Hollywood

Today I'm going to Los Angeles for the fourth time, and I decided to watch the "Hollywood" episode of Haunted History on the H2 channel before I go, so I'll know which places to avoid. ; )  These are the haunted places they talked about on the show:

-The Roosevelt Hotel: This hotel is said to be haunted by quite a few ghosts, including Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift.  Marilyn's apparition has been seen by the pool (which is where she had her first paying acting job) and in the lobby as a reflection in a mirror that used to be in her favorite suite.  Montgomery lived in room 928 while filming a movie and used to practice the trumpet in his room; his spirit has been seen on the ninth floor and has been heard playing the trumpet (still practicing in death...that's dedication!)

-Hollywood Forever Cemetery: The tomb of Rudolph Valentino ("the silver screen's first male sex symbol," who died at age 31) is haunted by a "Lady in Black."  After his death, this woman left flowers at his tomb every day, and decades later, many people have claimed to have seen visions of her there.  Also, Clifton Webb haunts the corridor near his crypt, and the ghost of Virginia Rappe (who died mysteriously at a party, and Fatty Arbuckle was accused of raping Virginia and crushing her to death) has been spotted crying next to her grave.

-The Knickerbocker Hotel: Cups rattle in the cabinets, books move by themselves, and the ghosts of Rudolph Valentino and Marilyn Monroe (who spent her honeymoon with Joe DiMaggio at the hotel) have been seen there.  Most of the hotel's paranormal activity occurs in the bathroom, which has got to be the worst place to see a ghost.  Houdini's widow held a seance at the hotel every year on the anniversary of Harry's death, but never managed to contact him.

-Raleigh Studios: An electrician fell to his death there in 1932, and it has been haunted ever since.  Other ghosts include a lady dressed in white walking through the cantina and a man dressed like a stagehand.

-The Georgian Hotel: Ghosts are said to play tricks on people in the hotel restaurant; employees have heard voices, seen ghosts, and witnessed objects moving on their own.

This was an interesting show, and I'm glad I watched it...I would love to see some Haunted History episodes about other cities too. : )

My rating: 8.5/10

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