Monday, May 18, 2015

International Ghost Investigators: Hollywood Division (Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor)

International Ghost Investigators: Hollywood Division airs on the Audience network and stars David Anthony Higgins and Paul Greenberg.  It's a very funny show, and in this episode, David and Paul lend their expertise to Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor (who I love...Ben is one of my favorite actors, and I've been a fan of Christine since Hey Dude).

Paul is photocopying his ass when David gets a call from Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, so they decide to go to  New York to help them out.  Ben says the landscapers are freaked out by what's been going on and asks if Paul and David have a certificate to show the landscapers, so they'll start working again; they tell Ben that they can't give him the certificate until they do an investigation.  Christine says that when she was getting the house ready for their guest Desmond Tutu, she put some cartons of ice cream on the table and turned around to look in a cabinet; when she turned back around, the cartons were "stacked like a pyramid.  Ben says that one of the gardeners ran up to him one day, yelling and pointing at the lawn mower, which was mowing the lawn by itself.  Christine adds that their housekeeper once saw the vacuum move across the room on its own.  David takes out an ovilus ("ghost talker") and tries to communicate with the spirits in the house; he asks them to make themselves known, and the phrase "bowling ball" comes from the ovilus.  He asks the spirits if they've been bothering the gardeners, and the word "leprechaun" is heard.  David asks why the spirits are there, and the answer is "penis."  Worse words follow, so David throws the ovilus outside.  Christine says that Carlos, one of the gardeners, told her that he once felt like he was "being dragged into the bowels of Hell" in the yard.

Paul and David decide to investigate the yard, but first Ben catches them eating spaghetti on the bed; Paul spills his and has to change his shorts, so he borrows a pair of Ben's underwear.  David finds a tree that he thinks is a "witch trap" and some stacked rocks that he also thinks are a "sign of witches."  The stacks fall down, and David runs off; he finds Paul standing in the corner of a shack, just like The Blair Witch Project (except Paul is peeing).  They find what could be the "portal to Hell" and decide to enter through the mist-filled doorway.  

David and Paul tell Ben and Christine that they have "ghost squatters" and show them the video they took after they entered the portal; it's a "time portal to a cemetery in 1890" in St. Louis.  David says that he talked to the head gardener in the portal, and that he told David that his gardeners would be willing to mow Ben and Christine's yard.  Problem solved!

This was my third episode of International Ghost Investigators: Hollywood Division, and it was my favorite so far. If you have Directv, check this show out!

My rating: 10/10

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