Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Visiting the UFO Watchtower

I recently visited the UFO Watchtower in Saguache County, Colorado, and though I didn't see any UFOs, I did have a great time looking around and talking to Judy Messoline, who created the watchtower. Judy wrote a book called That Crazy Lady Down the Road, which is about the watchtower and includes accounts from people who have seen UFOs, so of course I bought a copy and will be reviewing it for the blog. Here are some pictures my husband and I took during our visit to the UFO Watchtower. : )


I wanted almost everything in the gift shop, but I tried to control myself. ; )


  1. Your pics are GREAT! So fun! I like the Ride the Cosmic Highway one the best. Hilarious! Did you ever review her book? Can anyone just use her watchtower? Very fascinating!

    1. I did review the book:

      I think anyone can go to the Watchtower as long as they leave a small donation to help with upkeep, etc. It's a little hard to find...our GPS couldn't find it, so I pulled up their Facebook page on my phone, clicked on the map, and used the phone to find it. : )