Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Night Frights

Since I'm obsessed with Halloween, I searched the Directv guide for Halloween shows and recorded a bunch of them.  I found one on the Travel Channel called Halloween Night Frights, which is about Halloween-themed roller coasters and theme park attractions and originally aired in 2013.  Since watching this show is the closest I'm going to get to going on a roller coaster (I've been talked into it a few times, and it's always turned out to be a bad idea...people with vertigo should never ride roller coasters), I decided to write about it for the blog.

-Verbolten (Busch Gardens in Williamsburg,Virginia): This roller coaster has 16-foot drop and a "monster jolt when you least expect it."  Verbolten is surrounded by woods and takes passengers through a dark tunnel with flashing lights and images.

-Scarywood  (Silverwood Theme Park in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho): Every October, Silverwood Theme Park turns into Scarywood and is "overrun with 185 menacing ghouls."  A train called the Zombiewood Express takes up to 270 passengers to a "zombie-killing battlefield," which looks like a lot of fun...I would definitely go if it weren't in Idaho.

-Phantom Fright Nights (Kennywood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania): Zombies walk around the park, and The Phantom's Revenge, a 16-story high roller coaster, travels more than 80 mph and is especially scary at night when riders can't see what's around each turn.

-Morey's Fears (Morey's Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey): More than 100 zombies prowl the pier, and the Ghost Ship attraction allows guests to be frightened by actors in a claustrophobic maze.  The Sea Serpent is a 935-foot roller coaster whose "specialty is torturing seasick riders through two cobra-roll inversions" before taking them backwards.

-The Legend and Raven (Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana): Holiday World celebrates Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and Halloween.  The most popular Halloween attraction is The Legend roller coaster, which is named for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and goes through four dark tunnels and has a spiral drop.  The Raven makes riders feel like they're flying and also goes through four tunnels, which is especially disorienting at night.

-The Haunted Graveyard (Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut):  The Haunted Graveyard features 24 terrifying scenes and more than 200 actors whose "sole mission is to make you pee yourself." (I think I'll skip this one...I have no desire to pee myself anywhere, let alone in public.)

-Mamba (Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri): Mamba is a mile-long roller coaster whose peak is 200 feet high (just thinking about that makes me nauseous), and as if that weren't scary enough, a creepy monster might be sitting behind you on the ride.

-LeVampire (La Ronde in Montreal, Canada): LeVampire is an inverted roller coaster that "spirals ninety feet in three seconds."  The track is above your head, and there's nothing under your feet, so I don't really know why anyone would ride this. ; )

-Nights of Horror (Luna Park in Brooklyn, New York): The Cyclone roller coaster was built in 1927 and takes riders through "five turns, nine hills, and seven heart-stopping plunges."

-Howl-O-Scream (Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida): More than 800 scary characters roam the park, and the Alone House is a haunted house that you have to go into by yourself and face off against a "machete-wielding madman" before going through thirteen terrifying rooms. (No, thanks.)

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