Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Morgan Spurlock Inside Man: UFOs

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) sent out an email last week telling people that the CNN show Morgan Spurlock Inside Man would be doing an episode about UFOs, I thought it would be the perfect subject for a blog post.  The show started out with Morgan Spurlock driving on a dirt road in Arizona on the way to the MUFON compound, where he'll learn how to investigate UFO sightings and crash sites.  Morgan meets with Chuck Modlin, MUFON's chief technical advisor, and Fletcher Gray, who are both part of MUFON's "Star Team."  Fletcher, the Star Team manager, says that MUFON's purpose is "the scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of...humanity" and "to make the unknown known."  Morgan runs through a practice scenario one might encounter while investigating UFO sightings, and Fletcher tells him to look for discrepancies or things the witness might have left out.  Then it's time to learn how to investigate a crash site, and Fletcher says the first thing to do is look for hazards and check for high levels of radiation, then look for electromagnetic fields. Fletcher says that anyone who thinks we're here alone is arrogant, and I completely agree with that...I've said many times that it's arrogant to believe that Earth is the only planet that has life on it (and what's the point of the other planets existing if there's nothing living on them?).    

Morgan goes to Sedona, Arizona, "the crossroads of extraterrestrial activity in America."  It is believed that there are vortexes/portals in Sedona that make extraterrestrial communication easier.  Kim Carlsberg, author of three books about UFOs, takes Morgan on a "UFO Sky Tour" and guarantees that they'll see a UFO that night.  After waiting for awhile, Kim hands Morgan a pair of military-grade night vision binoculars, and they eventually see a small craft, then another one above it.  By the end of the night, they see at least forty objects in the sky.  The next day, Morgan and Kim meet to talk, and Morgan asks her what made her want to get into the UFO business.  Kim says, "I didn't want to get into the UFO business...the UFO business wanted to get into me."  She explains that she has been abducted by extraterrestrials hundreds of times and that they have been using her DNA "to create hybrid species."

Morgan heads to Atlanta, Georgia to work with MUFON as they investigate John Martin and Karen Fine's claim of a UFO sighting.  Morgan and Fletcher meet with Ralph Howard, the director of MUFON's Georgia chapter, and they begin interviewing John and Karen.  John says that while walking his dog on September 28th at 4:22 in the afternoon, he saw "two massive structures...one was in the shape of a plus, one was in the shape of a crescent."  Karen says she saw the UFOs as well and can't explain what she saw.  John shows them a picture he took on his cell phone, and Ralph says they will enhance it and examine it closely.

They then go to Ball Ground, Georgia to meet with Elizabeth Scott, who saw a craft that was "the size of a midsize car" over her neighbor's yard.  They look at the video she took of the object, but can't tell what it is and will do a scientific analysis later.  They travel to Athens, Georgia, where Morgan will take the lead on the interview of Bridgette Herron and Scott Creney, who saw bright lights in the sky while they were driving at night.  They followed the lights and stopped in a parking lot, where the object was about 150 feet above them.  Bridgette and Scott show Morgan exactly where they were standing when the craft was above them, and he tests the magnetic and electric fields, but finds nothing.

Morgan brings all the evidence he's gathered to Mark D'Antonio, MUFON's chief photo analyst.  Morgan shows Mark the picture that John Martin took on his cell phone; Mark says there isn't much data in the low-resolution photo and that he would mark it "insufficient data" instead of "unknown."  Morgan then shows Mark the video taken by Elizabeth Scott, and Mark says that since the object tips up and down, it must be a wind-borne object that's fairly lightweight.  He compares it to a picture of a mylar kite and thinks that could be what the object was.  Morgan asks Mark to analyze the video from his night in Sedona, and Mark pulls up a database that shows how many satellites were in the sky over Sedona that night, and it shows that there were close to fifty that night.  Mark says that Morgan did see UFOs, "but of the terrestrial kind."

Morgan meets with Chris McKay, a NASA scientist, in Freemont, California, who shows him that a community of microbes lives underneath the sand in the desert; he says this type of thing helps show us how to go about searching for life on other planets.  Morgan then to goes to the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute to meet with Jill Tarter, who was the inspiration for Jodie Foster's character in Contact. Jill was SETI's first employee and has devoted most of her life to searching for extraterrestrial life.  She shows Morgan the Allen Telescope Array, which "is comprised of forty-two separate dishes that are designed to receive radio signals from space."  She tells Morgan that they're installing new receivers that will give them access to new frequencies that have never been heard before and asks him to help attach the receiver to the telescope.  SETI has been around for thirty years and has never received a signal from an extraterrestrial, but that's pretty understandable since Morgan explains that "if the universe were comprised of all the oceans in the world, SETI has only searched the equivalent of an eight ounce glass of water."    

Morgan didn't find any definitive proof of alien life during his investigation, but he says that if humans are the only things in this giant universe, "that is a colossal waste of space." (Well said, Morgan!)

My rating: 8/10


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