Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera-Disturbing the Peace

My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera airs on the Lifetime Movie Network.  I recently watched the episode “Disturbing the Peace,” which aired in March 2013 and tells five true paranormal stories.

-“Lavinia’s Lair”: Pamela Nance and Ashley Field decide to visit the Old City Jail in Charleston, SC because they’re curious about the paranormal, and there have been many claims of paranormal activity there.  Lavinia Fisher was America’s first female serial killer, and she is said to haunt the jail.  When Pamela and Ashley arrive at the jail, they begin taking pictures; Pamela sees a black shadow coming from the ceiling in one of her pictures, and Ashley sees a green face in one of hers.  They go to the floor where Lavinia was held, and the EVP captures a voice saying “I bribed ‘em.”  The women take more photos, some of them showing orbs and “light anomalies.”  At one point, Ashley asks if there is anyone there who wants to say something, and Pamela hears footsteps running toward Ashley, then Ashley goes flying “through the air at least four or five feet,” landing on top of Pamela.  When they listen to the EVP recording, they hear a man’s voice say “That shook ‘em.”  I live in Charleston, but I’ve never been to the Old City Jail because it sounds really creepy; Pamela and Ashley’s story makes me confident that avoiding the jail is a good decision.

-“Dark n’ Donuts”: Steffani Dauch says that twenty-two years ago, she was sleeping when a voice woke her up by screaming  “Hey, you, wake up!”  She felt like she should go check on her baby, and when she went in his room, he wasn’t breathing, so she gave him CPR and saved him.  Steffani has seen an apparition of a little boy, and now she’s a paranormal investigator.  The owner of the House of Donuts in Sandusky, Ohio hires Steffani to investigate paranormal activity (growling sounds, employees being hit) that has happened there, and her son Codey comes along.  In the basement, something throws a screw at Steffani.  Codey sees some orbs moving through the air on the video feed.  In the kitchen, Steffani asks, “Can you tell us what you died from?”  On the EVP recording, they clearly hear a woman’s voice say “lung cancer,” so they think it is the wife of the former owner since they know she had emphysema.  Codey’s cousin Dylan and friend Brock show up and accompany him to the basement, and Codey asks Dylan to light a cigarette, assuming that the spirit won’t like that since she died of lung cancer; when Dylan lights the cigarette, something leaves a huge scratch on his arm.  In the kitchen, Steffani hears a noise, so she takes a picture and sees a shadowy figure in the shot.  Steffani believes that the House of Donuts is haunted by the former owners and “some dark force.”

-“Disturbing the Peace”: Paul Ollivierre and his wife Johanne Lebouef are paranormal investigators in Montreal, Canada.  A peace officer asks them for help, saying that he feels a presence in his house and doors open by themselves, so Paul and Johanne pay him a visit.  Paul feels like something is watching him as soon as he enters the house, and Johanne feels a “negativity in the air.”  The officer has told Paul and Johanne that every night around 2 or 3 a.m., the basement door slams; when it happens this time, Johanne approaches the door and feels it vibrating, then it opens by itself, and Paul hears a voice telling him to go downstairs.  As they walk down the stairs, Paul feels like he is being choked.  Johanne takes a picture in the basement, which turns out to be full of orbs.  They do an EVP session and hear a voice on the recording saying “I think that’s yours.”  When they watch the videos that they have recorded, they see a chair move on its own, a door opening with no one there, and something throw a shoe at the homeowner’s dog.  Paul performs a “spiritual cleaning” and tells the spirit to leave; the spirit doesn’t listen, so Paul traps it in his hands and removes it from the house (I was not aware that it was possible to trap spirits in your hands and physically throw them out…).

-“Freshly Squeezed Terror” (love the title): Mary Ann McKeon believes that her home in Brooklyn, New York is haunted by her late husband; he always said that he would die when he was fifty years old, and he was right.  Since his death, Mary Ann often feels like she is being watched, sees shadows, and smells smoke.  Sometimes she is woken up by her bed shaking.  After Stephanie McKeon, one of Mary Ann’s daughters, sees the cap on the orange juice open and close by itself while she’s eating breakfast, she decides to do a paranormal investigation with her boyfriend.  They start an EVP session in Mary Ann’s bedroom, and Stephanie’s boyfriend sees an orb; in another room, they see orbs “flying out of [Mary Ann’s] hands into the air” while filming with night vision cameras.  Mary Ann goes to a psychic, who tells her that the spirit doesn’t like the changes she has made to the house, and that’s when Mary Ann knows that her husband is haunting the house since he smoked, drank orange juice with breakfast, and always tried to talk her out of making home improvements.

-“Spirit Inn-festation”: Terri Brown owns the Farmer’s Hope Inn in Manheim, Pennsylvania.  One night she hears a chair drag across the dining room floor downstairs when she is the only person there.  Psychic Jamie Woods decides to check out the inn and sees a spirit as soon as she enters.  Terri and Jamie go to the dining room, and Jamie says that she sees “a woman running through here with a man chasing her,” which is also what Terri’s server has described seeing; Terri calls the server in, and both Jamie and the server say that the woman is wearing a blue dress.  Terri calls in a team of paranormal investigators, and they see a shadowy figure in one of the rooms.  The team does an EVP session in the bar area; they leave a flashlight on the bar and tell the spirit to “feel free to play with that device,” then the flashlight turns on.  Next they set up a camera and catch the male and female spirit running through the dining room.
I really liked this show, and I wish I had more than one episode still on my DVR since there are no episodes scheduled right now.  All of the stories were interesting, and I’m glad they’re someone else’s ghost stories instead of mine!

My rating: 8.5/10

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