Thursday, January 9, 2014

Haunted Highway: Manchac Swamp; Moonville Tunnel

Did you guys know that Jack Osborne has a paranormal investigation show?  Well, he does, and it's called Haunted Highway.  It airs on Syfy, and I started out with an episode called "Manchac Swamp; Moonville Tunnel."  The show stars four investigators-Jack Osborne, Dana Workman, Jael de Pardo, and Devin Marble-and this episode starts out with Jack and Dana heading to Louisiana to investigate Manchac Swamp.

On the road to Louisiana, Dana says that Manchac Swamp is "said to be one of the top ten creepiest places on Earth."  In 1915, a woman named Julia Brown (who sang a song saying that when she died, everyone else would follow) died, and during her funeral, a hurricane hit and killed everyone in attendance.  People have reported seeing a Lady in White and hearing singing near the swamp, and Wayne Norwood of the Louisiana Treasure Museum tells Jack and Dana that he saw the Lady in White while camping there.  Local guide Cap'n Tom Billiott meets Jack and Dana at the swamp and suggests that they take a boat to an old shack where the Lady in White has been seen.  When they get there, Jack and Dana set up some video cameras, then split up to explore the area.  They hear the motion detector go off, so they head back to review the video, where they see a mist rising from the water.  Jack wonders if it could be methane gas, but Dana says that would not have set off the motion detector.  They find the area where the hurricane victims were dumped and hear singing there.  Dana lights candles and tries to communicate with Julia Brown, asking if she knew the hurricane was coming before it hit...and all of the candles go out.

Next Jael and Devin visit Zaleski Forest in Ohio to investigate reports of apparitions and strange sounds in the Moonville Tunnel.  Patrick Quackenbush of the Vinton County Historical and Genealogical Society tells Jael and Devin that there have been at least twenty-six deaths associated with the tunnel and that he captured an apparition on video.  He also says that people often smell lavender near the tunnel (the scent a woman was wearing when she was hit by a train there) and that some believe the ghost of town bully Baldy Keaton throws rocks off the top of the tunnel.  When Jael and Devin arrive at the tunnel, they set up video cameras and decide to use train whistles to try to trigger paranormal activity.  When Jael and Devon split up, Devin sees a light go out; he asks if Baldy Keaton is there, and a rock falls off of the tunnel.  He begins climbing the steps to the top of the tunnel, but the wind comes around the corner and holds him back.  Back in the tunnel, they notice a sweet smell, and when Jael asks "Are you the one causing the sweet smell through this tunnel?," the lights suddenly go out.  They review the audio and video, and when they listen to the EVP from when Devin mentioned Baldy, they hear the word "murder."  They also see shadows in the tunnel.

I enjoyed Haunted Highway and really want to watch more episodes.  There's one episode that takes place in South Carolina, so I'm definitely going to watch that one!

My rating: 8/10

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