Saturday, November 23, 2013

UFOs Crashed My Vacation

The 2013 Travel Channel show UFOs Crashed My Vacation tells the stories of "six vacations that didn't go as planned."  The first vacation-gone-wrong is the trip Chuck Rak, Charlie Foltz, and Jack and John Weiner took in Allagash, Maine in 1976.  The Boston art students were planning on a few relaxing days of camping and fishing, but that all changed once Charlie spotted something red glowing in the sky.  A few nights later, the men went fishing in a canoe and saw the object hovering above them, so Charlie signaled the UFO with a light; it started moving toward them, then a beam of light came out of the bottom onto the water.  The men found themselves on the shore with no recollection of how they got there.  Jack had nightmares for the next twelve years, so he underwent hypnosis to try to remember what happened; the other three also did it, and Jack, Jim, and Charlie all recalled being painfully examined by aliens.  Charlie doesn't believe that they were abducted and thinks the UFO left them alone.

In July 1994 in San Francisco Bay, Ruben Uriante was meditating when he heard a voice say "You're going to England."  He went to Wiltshire County to see crop circles with a tour group, and later that night, they heard that a new crop circle had appeared, so they went to check it out.  Ruben attempted to communicate telepathically with whoever told him he was going to England, saying he would be thankful if it appeared to him; a few minutes later, a ball of light appeared and began descending, followed by two more.  They disappeared as soon as someone took out a video camera.

In Denver, Colorado in August 1982, Denise and Ed Stoner were on the road when they spotted two bright red lights moving toward them; she asked Ed to slow down, but he was in a trance.  The next thing they knew, it was three hours later and they had traveled forty miles with no recollection of doing it.  A few years later, Denise underwent hypnosis to remember that night; while under hypnosis, she drew a UFO and remembered two "entities" taking her out of the car and implanting a tracking device in her foot when she was on the UFO.

In July 1975 in Mount Rainer, Washington, newlyweds Bob and Laurel Gilge were looking for a campsite when they saw a sign for a UFO convention.  They decided to go, and when they tried to leave, the conference leader said they couldn't go because the group was about to do a ceremony just for them. Someone began speaking in tongues, and the leader drew crosses on Bob and Laurel's foreheads with oil. Back at their campsite, Bob and Laurel heard a hum that kept getting louder, then saw a UFO and started screaming at it that they wouldn't get on it.  The UFO disappeared.

In southern California in July 1990, supernatural enthusiasts Melinda Leslie and her friends Steve and Mike decided to take a trip to a place in the San Bernadino Mountains that was known for UFO sightings.  On the two-hour drive, Steve stuck his search light out of the window to attract a UFO, and a few minutes later, strange lights appeared in the sky.  The search light died, their police scanner began malfunctioning, their walkie-talkies started making noise, and they saw three flashes of light in the car.  Their next memory was of driving on the road and being extremely thirsty; they looked at the clock and realized that it was three hours later than they thought it would be.  Three days later, Melinda started remembering things, such as the car stopping and being approached by extraterrestrials, walking up a ramp into a UFO, and having needles stuck in her; she thinks that the aliens may have taken eggs from her as well.

In December 2000, Juan Cardenas and his family (wife Patricia and sons Jesus and Jonathan) were on a road trip from Pasco, Washington to Mexico when they spotted a bright light moving in the sky over southwest Texas.  Patricia began filming it, and the kids eventually convinced Juan to pull over so they could get out and look at the object.  The light started changing color, and Juan decided it was time to leave; the light followed them for awhile, then it disappeared.  Juan did not believe in UFOs before that night, but he's convinced that's what his family encountered.

I'm not sure if UFOs Crashed My Vacation is going to be a regular show or if it was just a special, but I hope they do some more of these.  It was a different take on the UFO show since it only focused on people who were on vacation, and I'm sure there are plenty more stories they could share.

My rating: 8.5/10

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