Friday, November 15, 2013

Haunted Dolls on Ebay

The haunted doll in The Conjuring made me wonder about how many haunted dolls people are trying to sell on Ebay, so I looked it up and was shocked to see more than 800 listings.  Some of them are for dolls that are sold by Halloween stores to use as decorations, but the majority are for dolls that the sellers claim are haunted.  Here's a link to Ebay's haunted doll listings:

Here are some of the most disturbing descriptions of the haunted dolls:

"She has told us she is 20 years old and lost her life in an accidental shooting. We have witnessed a translucent misty cloud when communicating with her and we believe that she is trying to manifest herself. She has grown stronger and stronger each time."

"From what we have learned in communication sessions, Maureen is a 12 year old girl who died sometime in the early 50's from pertussis . We have heard her making that whooping type cough during our sessions and at other times as well."

"Poe is a 40 year old spoiled brat. She demands attention. Hard to tell when she is being honest. Very immature and feels entitled. Death at her own hand, but was an accident. Meant to get attention. She likes to goad me. She likes bright lights and can sometimes be helpful. Does not like to be in her box. She is going to be upset when I am gone."

"Some of the things Stephanie is capable of doing is singing at night, saying hello,shows energy in the form of a ball, rings telephone and cell phones, levitates, clicks her feet together, says no no no no."

"Whoever or whatever is attached to this thing hates me and hates my house."

"Things we have experienced with this doll are: complete power failure on all circuit breakers to where they have to be flipped several times before they come back on (our electrical has been tested and no issues with it were found), shadow figures not only from the corner of your eyes but full on, spirit orbs have been photographed surrounding her many times as well as light rods of energy. Door handles will turn as if being jiggled along with scratching and knocking sounds on the walls."

"All four dolls have been in my home for two weeks now and are hanging out in my attic. So far I have heard people walking around up there- it's sealed so there is no way an animal could get in there- as well as seen faces looking back at me through the living room window. Very round, very pale faces with black eyes. This is probably the most freaky thing I've seen in awhile and now we have much thicker curtains."

In conclusion, do not buy any of these dolls...they'll kill you in your sleep! ; )


  1. And this is why I don't deal with dolls very well, aside from watching Child's Play when I was a kid and my cousin turning the lights out on me, throwing a doll at me and screaming "Chucky's coming for you!"

    1. I'm glad I researched this because now I can guess which dolls are haunted when I go to consignment shops. ; )