Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ghost Bait: Farm House

I discovered the Bio channel show Ghost Bait a few weeks ago and wrote about the first episode on the blog, so now it’s time to write about another episode, which is entitled “Farm House.”  I really wish there were more episodes of this, but so far there are only three, and my DVR would never let me download the second one. : (  “Farm House” aired in September and focuses on a 250-year-old farm house in eastern Pennsylvania.  The ParaCORE team (team leader Bob Magill, lead investigator Aimee, tech supervisor Mallie, and researcher Bill) meets with Lindsey and Chris, the residents of the farm house, and Lindsey tells them that a “dark shadowy figure” has been seen there ever since she was a child.  She also says that she has heard voices upstairs and that she saw a “black shadow man coming down the steps” of the basement  with red eyes and an axe or knife.  Lindsey's brother says that when playing outside as children, they could see "glowing red eyes" in the upstairs windows.

In the third floor bedroom, the cameraman feels something touch him; Bill and Amy check out the room, and when they ask if there's a shadow man there, something hits Bill on the side of his face and leaves a scratch. The team calls in psychic medium Karyn Reece (and her psychic cat exactly would you know that a cat is psychic?), who says that there is an evil male presence there, that she sees him in the doorway, and that he says he's coming for Bob and her.  In the basement, Karyn senses witchcraft and a manuscript. A historian tells Bob that in the 1920s a man named Nelson Ryemeyer was murdered by John Rhymer, who wanted his Book of Shadows because he thought Nelson was hexing him; the book has never been found, but it's rumored to be on the property.

Now it's time to reel the ghost in with some human bait!  Bob puts a hood over Lindsey's head and sends her to the third floor after telling her to ask the spirit questions.  After Lindsey asks why the spirit is there, she hears a noise and thinks something is there; she hears another noise, so she follows it.  Bob asks her to go to the basement, so Lindsey does and asks the spirit if it wants the book, and something jumps at her.  On the thermal video, a figure appears behind Lindsey when she asks about the book (creepy!).  Karyn senses that the Book of Shadows is still on the property, but isn't sure where, so Bob decides to try to find another copy.  He succeeds and has Lindsey place the book in a circle of stones; the Shadow Man has not been seen on the property since that day.

My rating: 8.5/10

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