Thursday, March 3, 2016

Haunted Hotels

If you enjoy the paranormal and traveling, why not stay at a haunted hotel on your next trip? If you're not scared to sleep in a room with spirits, go to paranormal travel website Haunt Jaunts and check out their list of haunted hotels. You can find the list here (if you're going to California, you're in luck...they have a bunch of haunted hotels):

If you do stay at a haunted hotel (or ever have before) and would like to write a guest post about it, please email me at : )


  1. WHAT??? Check you out! THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing about our page. I'm in the process of improving that one even! (Well, I'm trying to make small improvements to the whole site, but this page in particular has been vexing me.) But THANK YOU again for writing about it!!!

    1. You're welcome...Haunt Jaunts is a great website. : )