Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Paranormal Show: iZombie

On March 17th, the CW began airing iZombie, a new show from Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright; Rob created Veronica Mars and co-created Party Down, and Diane was a writer on Veronica Mars, so of course I had to check out their new project.  Liv Moore is an ordinary medical resident with a devoted fiancé; against her better judgment, she goes to a party, and the unthinkable happens: she wakes up in a body bag the next day and realizes that she has been turned into a zombie. (Worst. Party. Ever.) She breaks up with her fiancé and gets a job at the morgue, where she can eat brains without hurting anyone, but the brains affect her in a strange way...they cause her to see flashes of the former owner's life. 

 The Cast

Olivia "Liv" Moore: Rose McIver
Clive Babinaux:  Malcolm Goodwin
Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti: Rahul Kohli
Major Lilywhite: Robert Buckley
Blaine DeBeers: David Anders 
Peyton Charles: Aly Michalka
Eva Moore: Molly Hagen
Evan Moore: Nick Purcha
Lowell Casey: Bradley James 

I'm normally not that into zombies, but I thought iZombie was great and very different from the other zombie stuff I've seen.  All of the acting and writing was fantastic, and I'm definitely going to keep watching. Also, I was happy to see Daran Norris, a familiar face from Veronica Mars, show up in the pilot, and I hope to see some more Veronica Mars alums on the show. : )  iZombie airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c, but if you missed the pilot, you can watch it here:

My rating: 8/10 

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