Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Beware of Ouija boards!

Since I started this blog, I've been watching and reading tons of paranormal TV shows and books, and I've noticed quite a few instances where paranormal activity began after someone in the household used a Ouija board.  Anyone who has seen The Exorcist is probably afraid to use a Ouija board, and they should be...here are some stories I found online where people have claimed that hauntings or demonic possession occurred as a result of a Ouija board:

-In a house in Kentucky, a man and his girlfriend's family used a Ouija board, which spelled out that the spirit of a 16-year-old boy named Dan was communicating with them.  Dan said that he was in the bedroom of the girlfriend's younger brother, then scratching and creaking noises could be heard coming from the dark room. Their dog began playing with something in the room, and when the family entered the room after being urged to by Dan, they saw a "small black shadow," and on the bed, "something unseen sat beside [them] and the pillow sank down where it sat."  They used the Ouija board a few more times, and things kept escalating...it's an interesting story, and you can read the whole thing here:


-In Winnipeg, Canada, a woman named Danielle converted from Christianity to Satanism and bought a Ouija board to help her summon demons.  During one session, she made contact with something that said it was bad and might hurt someone; she asked how many spirits were there, and the demon said there were three of them and that their names were Belial, Malphas, and Legion.  Danielle decided to end the session and heard hissing when she tried to leave.  Her friend took her to a church, and Danielle "kept seeing orange auras" on the way there.  Danielle doesn't remember entering the church, but recalls being inside and choking, feeling like "something was trying to come out of [her]."  An exorcism was performed, but Danielle says that only Malphas left her body' Belial and Legion are still there.


-In Middleton, Idaho, 17-year-old Derek let his friends bring a Ouija board to his house, and after they used it, Derek began experiencing his "bed moving, scratching on walls, waking up with heaviness on [his] chest and not being able to move or speak and even seeing a very tall dark cloaked figure that physically attacked [him]."


If I had ever thought about using a Ouija board (I haven't), these stories would definitely scare me out of it...and there are a few dozen more stories on this website:


In conclusion, there's really no good reason to use a Ouija board unless you really want to be possessed or haunted...and who wants that?

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