Thursday, April 16, 2015

Submit your paranormal haiku!

When I started this blog, I thought it would be fun to try writing paranormal haiku, and I ended up writing enough to publish a book of them.  Now I want to see what you guys can come up with...send your best paranormal haiku (along with your name and the city and state where you live...and you can include a link to your website if you have one) to, and I'll put them on the blog. Remember, in a haiku, the first and third lines should each have 5 syllables, and the second line should have 7 syllables (you're welcome to send one that has multiple stanzas). Here's an example:

Zombies only want
To eat brains, so don't worry.
Trust me, you'll be fine.

I can't wait to read your paranormal poems! : )

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