Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Movie Spotlight: Grace: The Possession

Grace: The Possession is a 2014 movie starring Alexia Fast, Lin Shaye, Alan Dale, Alexis Knapp, Brett Dier, Joel David Moore, and Clarke Peters.  The movie begins with a woman giving birth while a priest speaks of absolving her sins; cut to 18 years later, where we meet that woman's daughter, Grace (Alexia Fast), who is starting college despite the objections of the super-religious grandmother (Lin Shaye) who raised her.  The morning after she moves into her dorm, Grace wakes up with a strange mark on her stomach and starts seeing things that aren't there. After attending a party where Grace is sure that she pushed her roommate (Alexis Knapp) off the balcony to her death, she wakes up in the hospital and finds out that her emergency contact (her grandmother) is coming to get her. Her grandmother pulls her out of college and takes her home, and when Grace insists that she needs to see a doctor after embarrassing her grandmother by coughing up blood in church, sweet, caring Grandma tells Grace that she needs God, not a doctor (and that's when I started hoping that character would die).

I've watched a bunch of possession movies, but the thing that's cool and different about Grace: The Possession is that we actually see what's happening through Grace's eyes; I don't think I've ever seen a movie that's done that, but I'd like to see some more. This movie was better than many of the paranormal movies I've watched for this blog; all of the acting was great, and the ending made me hope for a sequel.

My rating: 7.5/10

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