Saturday, February 7, 2015

Movie Spotlight: Annabelle

Annabelle is a 2014 movie starring Annabelle Wallis, Ward Horton, Alfre Woodard, Tony Amendola, and Eric Ladin.  It is a spin-off of The Conjuring (you can find my movie spotlight of  that here:  It's 1969, and John and Mia Form (Ward Horton and Annabelle Wallis) are expecting their first baby.  John surprises Mia with a creepy doll that she's been trying to find for years (I will never understand why people collect old, creepy dolls).  That night Mia hears a murder happening next door, and when John goes to investigate, Mia is attacked by a woman who is holding the doll and then stabbed by the woman's male accomplice.  The police burst in and shoot the man, and the woman commits suicide, dying with the doll in her arms.  Mia and John learn that their neighbors were murdered by their daughter, Annabelle Higgins, and her boyfriend, who were members of a satanic cult called Disciples of the Ram.  Mia decides she no longer wants the doll, so John throws it away...but that doesn't stop the doll from making their lives a living hell.

I've been wanting to see Annabelle since I first heard about it, but I didn't want to see it in a dark theater, so I'm glad it's finally on DVD.  It wasn't quite as scary as I thought it would be, but I won't be buying any dolls in the near future. ; )

My rating: 7.5/10

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