Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Movie Spotlight: The Occupants

The Occupants is a 2013 movie starring Cristin Milioti (who I loved as the mother on How I Met Your Mother...which is why I hated the way that series ended) and Michael Rady.  New parents Lucy and Wade have just moved into a new home.  Things are great at first...but then Lucy starts seeing ghosts.  When Lucy describes one of them, Wade says that it sounds like the woman from a dream he had.  Ruth (Macey Cruthird), the babysitter, tells Lucy that "Jesus says there's no such thing as ghosts" (one of the dumbest sentences that has ever been uttered), but that demons are real, so that must be what Lucy is seeing.  The next day at work, Lucy's coworker Glen (James Urbaniak), who is totally in love with her and pissed that she broke up with him and married someone else, questions whether she trusts her husband and finds it strange that she saw the woman from Wade's dream; Lucy asks if he's implying that Wade is "planting ideas in [her] head and [she's] just dumb enough to go along with them," and he says he's not, but he so is.  One night Lucy and Wade see the spirits of a couple and their daughter, the man (Toby Huss) screaming over and over again "Where's your sister?"  From this, Lucy figures out that the missing sister must still be alive and might even be one of the clients at the clinic where Lucy counsels abused women (seems like kind of a reach, but whatever).          

The Occupants wasn't very scary, but Cristin Milioti did a great job in a not-so-great movie.  The twist at the end was one I did not see coming, and I always appreciate that.

My rating: 6/10

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