Friday, August 11, 2017

Disneyland is Haunted as Hell, and I'm Never Going There.

When I went to ScareLA last weekend, I attended a live podcast about haunted places in L.A. and Orange County (you can read my write up about it here: ScareLA: Haunted LA vs. Haunted OC), and after hearing about some of the creepy stuff that goes on Disneyland (like the fact that the dolls in It's a Small World sometimes keep moving after the ride has been shut off), I decided to do some research and find out about some more souls who never left "the happiest place on Earth." 

-"The Man with the Cane": In the 1940s, a pilot crashed his small plane in the area where Disneyland would eventually be built; he appears in The Haunted Mansion, usually after closing time, and he always has a cane.

-"The Man in the Tuxedo": A former employee kept seeing this well-dressed spirit in a mirror in The Haunted Mansion, and when he finally reached out and touched her, she quit her job and never set foot in Disneyland again (smart move).

-"Mr. One Way": Space Mountain is haunted by the ghost of a man who died on the ride four decades ago; he disappears before the ride is over and has also been spotted in the employee locker room.

-"Disco Debbie": Possibly a cast member who had an aneurysm and died at work, this glowing spirit likes to ride Space Mountain, materialize on the track, and roam around the building.

-Dolly Young: A woman named Dolly Young was thrown from the Matterhorn and run over in 1984; her ghost has been seen and heard there ever since.

-Deborah Gail Stone: A cast member was crushed to death in the America Sings attraction in 1974, and up until the attraction was eventually shut down, cast members would hear a female voice warning them to be careful.

For more on these lost souls and other Disneyland hauntings, check out A Spooky Tour Through Haunted Disneyland...there's a ton of information there and some other stuff about It's a Small World that will creep you out (the phrase "a pattering of small footsteps" in relation to It's a Small World just might give me nightmares). If you've experienced paranormal activity at Disneyland, please leave a comment and tell me all about it. I can't find out for myself if any of this is true because I'll be avoiding Disneyland for the rest of my life. ; )

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  1. Unfortunately, I have never experienced anything paranormal there, and I've been going regularly since I was born, my mom was even a tour guide in the 60's. But I defintely love me some Disneyland!