Friday, November 4, 2016

Book Review: Shadow People and Cursed Objects

Shadow People and Cursed Objects: 13 Tales of Terror Based on True Stories...or are they? is a 2016 book edited by C. Le Mroch (the creator of Haunt Jaunts, a website I've linked to many times on this blog). Ten authors contributed stories to this anthology, and after you read each story, you can flip to the back to find out whether it was based on a true story. Here's a little about the stories:

"The Busby Chair" by Alice J. Black: A cursed chair causes the death of anyone who sits on it.
"The Storm on Promise Land Road" by Ken Teutsch: A father and daughter are caught in a ghostly storm.
"Bye, Bye, Blackbird" by Emerian Rich: A cursed necklace brings trouble into a woman's life.
"The Gypsy's Curse" by C. Le Mroch: A woman receives mysterious phone calls related to a haunted pond she visited as a child.
"The Black Flowers" by Barry Charman: Two funeral directors find an empty black coffin (which is made from a dead hanging tree) outside the gates of their funeral home with instructions to bury it.
"The South Will Rise Again" by Keith Karabin: Two armies (one human and one ghostly) battle in Virginia's Great Dismal Swamp.
"Lady Winters' Mirror" by S. Mickey Lin: A woman buys a haunted Victorian mirror at an auction.
"Doomsday, Every Night at Five" by Evan Dicken: A child's deceased grandfather appears in a broken TV set and makes some disturbing premonitions.
"Fatty and the Nothing Man" by Sean Ealy: Bullies lock a classmate in a haunted house and soon come to regret it.
"Murder for Dummies" by Carl Barker: A young girl goes backstage after a ventriloquist's show and discovers that the dummy is really the one in charge.
"Pedro" by C. Le Mroch: Ten-year-old Kyle blames his imaginary friend whenever he gets in trouble, but Pedro might not be as imaginary as Kyle's father believes.
"The Mannequin in the Middle of the Road" by C. Le Mroch: After a man hits a mannequin that was lying in the road, he puts it in the trunk of his car...and the mannequin isn't happy about it.
"Comeuppance" by C. Le Mroch: A woman stays in a haunted hotel on a business trip.

I enjoyed all the stories in Shadow People and Cursed Objects, but my favorites were "The Gypsy's Curse," Lady Winters' Mirror," and "Comeuppance." If you enjoy reading about ghosts, haunted objects, and things like that, you should definitely check this book out. : )

My rating: 8/10

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