Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Book Review: True Casefiles of a Paranormal Investigator by Stephen Lancaster

True Casefiles of a Paranormal Investigator is a 2012 book by Stephen Lancaster.  He had his first paranormal experience as a child when he was attacked by "a violent and unseen force" (pg. 1); years later, his mother told him that the same thing happened to her when she was 10 years old, the same age Stephen was when he had his terrifying experience.  Stephen later assembled the P.I.T. (Paranormal Investigation Team) Crew and began producing a TV show (starring the P.I.T. Crew) called Monstervision TV the following year.  I don't want to give too much away about the book, but I will say that there's a chapter about a poltergeist that I probably shouldn't have read right before I went to bed...the case involved floating purses and Stephen being hit in the eye with a spool of thread that flew off of the dresser, and it was pretty creepy!  I really enjoyed the chapter about the Webb Memorial Library since I spent eight years working at a library... there was a ton of spooky stuff in that chapter, and if any of that had been happening at my library, I wouldn't have lasted eight minutes there, let alone eight years!  I also really liked the chapter called "The Music House," which was about a house that was haunted by a female child and an adult male who were most active when music was playing.  The owner thought it might have something to do with the home's antique piano, so Stephen tested this by playing it; while he was playing, all three of his video cameras turned off, then he heard a male voice, and a mist that he could not see in person turned up in pictures that were taken that night.

True Casefiles of a Paranormal Investigator is a fascinating read, and Stephen is a brave man.  I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in becoming a paranormal investigator or to people like me, who are interested in it, but are too chicken to ever do it themselves. ; )

My rating: 8/10

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