Thursday, March 20, 2014

Guest blogger: Patricia Lane, Paranormal Investigator

Today the blog has its second guest post...this time from Patricia Lane.  She's a paranormal investigator (a job that I'm fascinated by, but scared to do), and she's going to tell us about the most memorable experience she's had during an investigation.  


When I tell people I’m a paranormal investigator, folks always ask why and if I have ever seen anything.

            Now, I have been professionally investigating for almost 3 years, but I have had so many experiences growing up that I looked for answers as to what could cause voices and taps. When I was fourteen, I had a near death experience and I began a search for answers. Which led me to the field of paranormal research.

            When I was dating my now husband, I discovered that he too also was interested in the field. After we got married, we started ghost hunting as partners.

            We joined a professional Arkansas group 2 years later. Now in the almost five years I’ve been doing this, I’ve had a ton of various experiences and have seen and heard some pretty weird stuff.

            One of the most frequently questions I am asked is what is my most memorable experience. Now truthfully, I have had quite a few but the following is the one that has stuck with me the most, both with the emotions attached to it and the fact it was the first time I’d had this particular type of experience.

            The group I was with at the time was investigating a spa that had once been a brothel in the 1920s. (I will name no names or locations as the owners of this spa requested to remain anonymous so not to hurt their business) It proved to be an interesting investigation as there was a motorcycle rally going on at the same time. I’m not sure exactly how old this building was, but it had the classic creaky floor of an old building. We went through the building in a walkthrough to see where all the “hot spots”, places where the most paranormal activity is reported. The night was fairly quiet, paranormal wise. Until I went into one of the massage rooms with two other investigators. We were doing an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) in the room. I will admit I was starting to get bored as we had debunked everything we came across. So we invited any spirits there to touch us. When we had no reaction, we started making jokes that we promised not to run out of the room screaming “Dude, run!” (A nod to the first season of Ghost Hunters when one of their investigators freaked out and screamed the same phrase before running full speed down a hall. It’s a joke among us) A few moments later, I feel something cold on my arms as if someone had placed their hands on my arms. Naturally, as an open-minded debunking investigator, I immediately look around for something that would cause cold air to blow on me. I see the vent above me and asked if the air was on. The two investigators informed me that the owner turned the air off so we wouldn’t have any false cold spots. (It is generally believed that spirits take energy from the air around them in order to manifest, causing cold spots) I tell them my arms are freezing. My fellow investigators immediately started measuring the temperature around me and taking pictures. There was no change in temperature and the pictures resulted in nothing. The two investigators with me were husband and wife sensitives. The wife did what we normally never did, used nonscientific means to contact this particular spirit. The spirit was a woman that was my age at the time that was murdered when the building was a brothel (Which is what I was told by my fellow investigator) She said the woman was terrified and felt safe with me, thus attached herself to me. Even with me telling the woman, I want to say her name was Susanne, that she couldn’t come home with me and that she had to stay there, she refused to let go. Another sensitive on the team came into the room and she ended up having to help her cross over.

Later, when the evidence review team (which consisted of myself, husband and our one of our best friends) were going over the recording we made, we caught one good EVP. One that was caught during the walkthrough in the room where I had my experience with Susanne. As we were leaving the room, I made a comment that the back of my head was tingling. A moment later, a woman’s voice whispers “Don’t go. Come back,” The only EVP we caught the entire night.

I was told, a few years later, that the same night I woke up screaming “Get him off of me!” My husband didn’t tell me this at the time because he hadn’t wanted to freak me out. It slipped one night when we were talking about it.

I am no longer with the other group for personal reasons, but I have cofounded another group. With the old teams evidence review team.

For more information on my team or read about my other investigations, visit me at

Patricia Lane is an author and Paranormal Investigator who works out of central Arkansas.  She is the co-founder of a paranormal investigation group that is still in the works.  She currently lives with her husband and cat in the same area.

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